Sports Video and Photography

Waukesha South Blackshirts Football Photo, Classic 8 Conference

Coin Toss – Waukesha South Football homecoming game against Arrowhead. Photo taken 9/28/12.

The coin toss for a Classic 8 football game I shot video for. I usually bring along my still camera and take some shots in between the video stuff. I shoot sports highlight video for the Waukesha South Blackshirts Football team and the still shots come in handy for extra filler in the final video. I drop them into After Effects and create some animated effects to give them some extra life. Depending on the opening to the highlight video, I may use them to create a movie trailer effect to the start. The sunsets are usually a decent color this time of year so they make for some nice images. I try to avoid a flash if possible and just up the iso a little.