Freelance TV Animation Project for the Milwaukee Auto Market


Freelance TV Animation Project for the Milwaukee Auto Market

A still shot from my new animated car commercial promoting auto service from Milwaukee’s ADAMM new and used car dealers. I have video links for the spot at YouTube – and in the previous WordPress post on this blog. I created all the visuals from scratch within a 3d environment. The script and audio was provided by the ad agency. I handle freelance animation projects for the Milwaukee, Chicago Minneapolis, Eau Claire and Madison markets. Anyone interested in working with me on a future project can email me at or call 262-751-6026. Most animation spots run between $750 to $2500. Obviously, it depends on the style and content of the spot but this is a typical price range. There’s also additional samples at my YouTube channel  – or my website at .

Milwaukee New Car Sales Service Animated TV Commercial

This is an animated TV spot I just finished for ADAMM. It’s 1 of a series of 4 spots promoting New and Used Car Dealers that belong to ADAMM. The spots run on Time Warner’s Autos on Demand servers. I designed the car character and the visuals for a 3d environment so the character could be posed in a variety of positions. The car’s design needed to be modern and not be too specific to any one model or make. The laptop and tech guy were secondary to the car so I wanted them to look basic but still look like they belonged in the spot. I added the client’s logo in a few places to provide some personalization. The laptop, license plates, tech guy’s hat and uniform and the model id on the sides of the animated car all have a reference to the company’s logo.  As a freelance animator, it’s fun to mess around with these types of projects. The script and audio was supplied by the agency.