Architectural Photo

Building photo for freelance photography project

An industrial park office building photograph. Photo taken 9/3/12.

This building had a really neat shape to the upper area of the roof. The design element continues down the right wall offering a nice perspective to the horizon line. I shot this one during Labor Day weekend. If you’re trying to avoid foot traffic and parked cars, 3 day weekends usually work well for these types of locations. The dry weather this year has made a mess of the landscaping for exterior photographs. This one had minimal retouching in the grass areas and the smaller trees. You can visit here to see additional architectural photography. Photo taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 9/3/2012.

Sports Video and Photography

Waukesha South Blackshirts Football Photo, Classic 8 Conference

Coin Toss – Waukesha South Football homecoming game against Arrowhead. Photo taken 9/28/12.

The coin toss for a Classic 8 football game I shot video for. I usually bring along my still camera and take some shots in between the video stuff. I shoot sports highlight video for the Waukesha South Blackshirts Football team and the still shots come in handy for extra filler in the final video. I drop them into After Effects and create some animated effects to give them some extra life. Depending on the opening to the highlight video, I may use them to create a movie trailer effect to the start. The sunsets are usually a decent color this time of year so they make for some nice images. I try to avoid a flash if possible and just up the iso a little.

Architecture Photos

Freelance Architecture photographer in the Milwaukee Area

A photograph from the series. This was shot in Milwaukee along the river in the Historic Third Ward. An Alterra coffee shop came in handy while I waited for mother nature to provide the right light.

Just wrapped on a series of architectural photographs for a company’s annual calendar. The shots were taken over a 3 week time period. Some time was needed to scout the locations and estimate the best time of day. Weather was also a consideration as it was nearing fall. While the fall colors can be a nice addition, these needed to be less seasonal to allow for multiple uses. The photos ranged from churches and condominiums to office buildings and breweries.

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